Care Flow UMS 2500 Urine measurement system

Closed Urine measurement system, incl CAREFLOW UB 2000UMS changing bag, 2000 ml (04/08/2000)
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Product specifications

The CAREFLOW UMS 2500 is perfectly suited for precise measurement and the collection of discharged urine. It consists of a measuring chamber with a volume of 500ml as well as a removable urine bag with a capacity of 2000ml. The measuring chamber has a precise and clear graduation and is divided in a fine (1 ml) and a coarse (10 ml) measuring unit.

The detachable bag is safely connected to the measuring chamber but can also easily be changed thanks to the bayonet lock and the two mountings where the bag is attached. The twin holder with additional attachment cord as well as a two-sided mounting enables a secure attachment to a variety of bed frames.

The bacteria and liquid-tight ventilation filters ensure permanent pressure equalisation. The T-Tap drainage tap of the collection bag is safe to operate single-handed and thereby enables a quick emptying. The drain tap can be placed discreetly in the attached doghouse. With the screw cap of the measuring chamber a single-handed and a cross-contamination-free emptying of the collection bag is assured.

An anti-reflux valve divides the drip chamber and reliably prevents a backflow of urine and thereby obviates the risk against an ascending infection. The needle-free sample port prevents needlestick injuries. Two different tube length can be chosen, either 120cm or 150cm.

Capacity: 4000 ml
Packaging unit: 10 pieces
Packaging: sterile

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Care Flow UMS 2500 Urine measurement system

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