Our philo­sophy

The demand on ourselves

All our actions come about in the duty of the users and patients, which make use of our products. For them we want to deliver products, which assures the highest level of quality and functionality. By doing so, we enhance the quality of life for the users and patients, whom we develop our products for. We have developed three principles, which we strive and work after, to be aware of meeting our demands daily.

"We do everything possible to deliver the medical devices quickly and at economical attractive conditions, so that we can assist our customers in the best possible way for consulting and the provision of aids."

Dirk Dohmann
Director, GHC German Health Care GmbH

"A flat hierarchy ensures quick decisions and by implementing all competences of every single employee, a high sense of responsibility is created, so that every one is fully engaged and thereby meet the customer needs at the best possible way."

Kay Kruse
Director, GHC German Health Care GmbH

Our principles

Our focus is on people
The employee is the basis of our success
Responsibility as the highest priority

The people

our focus

The people are the basis of our actions. With our products we, as German Health Care, want to change the lives of people with continence problems positively and lastingly. Understanding your needs and counteracting those with innovation, have made us to be a reliable partner. Due to the continuous dialogue with our customers, we often get innovative incentives, which gets implemented promptly, in order to meet the needs of those affected. Hence our existing products and services always get optimised and new solutions occur. This makes us to a reliable partner supplying aids in the healthcare market.

The employee

the basis of our success

Our business area deals with the most intimate and personal problems of people. Knowing that, we encourage our employees and train them to specifically meet the needs of our customers. Regular workshops and an intensive initial training assure our employees a long-term perspective in our team. Hence, they are a fundamental part to our success.

The responsibility

our highest priority

Responsibility has the highest priority, for us as an innovative company. Every day we do our best for our customers, in order to do justice to our obligations. For that we leave beaten paths and with our partners we create new ones. We have the ability, in a constantly changing market, to deliver a broad spectrum of products and services of the highest quality to a fair price. We see ourselves as a company which redefines listening, thinking and quick implementing, in order to show the affected and our partners one thing: You can rely on us.