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Care Flow Nephrostomy integral silicone balloon catheter
2-way integral balloon catheter, Nelaton tip (01/03/10)
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Nephrostomy catheter

What is a nephrostomy catheter?

A nephrostomy catheter, also known as kidney catheter, drains the urine through the skin into a urine collection system. The nephrostomy is usually used in emergency cases. A so-called percutaneous nephrostomy, in short PCN, ensures the discharge of the bladder. Hereby the urine is drained from the kidney.

GHC kidney catheter for urine drainage – Nephrostomy catheter

A nephrostomy catheter is only then used, when the urinary diversion is blocked for the patient. The results of a blocked urinary diversion are urine retention or urinary stasis in the renal pelvis. A nephrostomy catheter relief the urinary tract and thereby it also protects the kidney tissue. This could for example be the case after a surgery. In case of an impaired drainage, a nephrostomy catheter could also be used for a long-term drainage.

The placement of the German Health Care catheter is done by puncturing the kidney, after an anaesthesia or local anaesthesia is performed. The catheter is fixated by sewing it onto the skin. Afterwards the urine flows into a  leg bag - such as the UB1000, the UB750 or the UB500. For the night, the patient can also change to a bedside bag such as the UB4000 or the UB2000. In this way the everyday life of the patient is maintained to the greatest possible extent.

Care Flow 2-way-nephrostomy catheter type integral balloon

The GHC Care Flow 2-way nephrostomy integral silicone catheter is applicable for long-term drainage amd has a tube length of 40 cm. The GHC  blocker syringe containing a 10% glycerine solution blocks the catheter reliably. Thanks to the incorporated X-ray line, a radiological imaging of the catheter is enabled. The chosen material: 100% silicone. Silicone catheters have in comparison to Latex catheters better properties, such as a thinner wall thickness and better tissue compatibility. Also, the settlement of urological problematic germs is significantly reduced in comparison to latex Catheters. The easy handling of placing the GHC nephrostomy catheters and the technical details convinces the medical professionals – the high wear comfort convinces the patient.

The percutaneous 2-way integral balloon catheter is equipped with a Nelaton tip. The nephrostomy catheter is available in the sizes CH 10-18. A packaging unit is always containing 10 pieces.

Also available: revulsive incontinence products such as  legbag fixations, products for ISC intermittent self-catheterisation and much more.

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