MicroN Safety
MicroN Safety - Safety port cannula, 19G
Safety port cannula MicroN Safety | Safe handling thanks to sharp Huber point and grippy lancing device
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MicroN Safety
MicroN Safety - safety port cannula, 20G
Safety port cannula MicroN Safety | Safe handling thanks to sharp Huber point and grippy lancing device
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Port cannula

Port needle - MicroN Safety port cannula for puncturing an implanted port

The use of infusions with a port catheter is becoming increasingly widespread. Especially in oncology and nutritional medicine. As a result, the demand for medical devices and professional accessories for the care and use of port systems is also growing. This also includes the port needle. The latter should not only be as comfortable and pleasant as possible for the patient, but also safe to use. It is good to see that the MicroN Safety safety port cannula fulfills this requirement and offers further advantages.


MicroN Safety port needle - advantages at a glance:

  • Easy grip of the lancing device
  • Easy and controlled application
  • Punch-free insertion and placement in the port thanks to sharp Huber cut
  • Safety mechanism protects against needlestick injuries and infections
  • Suitable for high pressure injections up to 300 psi
  • High-quality materials, latex-free
  • Maximum patient comfort


Port cannula - safe, high quality, impressive

The MicroN Safety port needles from GHC not only impress with their ease of use, high-quality materials and punch-free piercing, they also prevent puncture injuries and possible infections thanks to the safety mechanism when removing the needle in accordance with the requirements of TRBA 250.

Lancing device: The port needles have a wingless lancing device with integrated grooves that ensure a good grip.

Locking clip: The locking clip can be used to close the feed tube tightly so that therapy and safety are always guaranteed.

The port needle including tube is available in various sizes and is therefore suitable for a wide range of applications - whether for parenteral nutrition, pain therapy, infusions in oncology or transfusions.


Port needles for the safe treatment of port catheters

Huber cut: This supports controlled and virtually pain-free insertion into the implanted port. The application is punch-free so that no skin or silicone particles enter the bloodstream.

Flat lancing device and contact surface: Thanks to the flat lancing device and the flat contact surface, the port needle has a low volume requirement. This means that it is not very bulky and can be placed discreetly, which means that patients find it less irritating.

Safety mechanism: The firm fixation of the needle in the support surface after removal of the cannula protects against needlestick injuries and infections. The requirements of TRBA 250 are met and medical staff are protected.


GHC port needle - application advantages

Using and inserting the port needle into the port is easy thanks to the firmly machined insertion aid including grooves - even without an extra wing.

Another detail for greater port needle safety: the clamp can be firmly secured and released again - without any risk.

The color code on the closing clamps allows the sizes to be clearly differentiated.

Do you require further information or would you like to purchase MicroN Safety port needles? Please contact our customer service team for information on the port cannula and details on costs. Other medical products with impressive functionality such as catheters, disposable catheters, bed bags, leg bags or urinal condoms are also available.

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