Care Flow
Care Flow SB 1500USo
Non-sterile secretion bag with 1500 ml filling volume and without a drain valve
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Secretion / urine bag SB 1500

Disposable secretion bag with 1500 ml volume

Medical aids are essential for patients with incontinence or bladder dysfunction. A wide variety of products are available for revulsive incontinence care, whether permanent or disposable catheters, we offer appropriate urine collection systems for mobile or bedridden patients as well as for the use during the day or at night.

For those who wear permanent catheters, special attention must be paid to the selection of products for collecting the urine, as the products shall be sterile. Whereas non-sterile collection bags can be used to connect male external catheters or for the short-term usage with disposable catheters.

CARE FLOW secretion / urine bag SB 1500USo, non-sterile

The CARE FLOW secretion / urine bags from GHC are well suited for the short-term and single usage to collect urine from either intermittent self-catheterisation or for the connection to a male external catheters or urostomy bag. The staggered connector can be connected to all common catheters.

The bag is available with a tube length of 90 cm and it is not equipped with an anti-reflux valve nor drain tap.

The disposable bag can be attached to the bed with the matching Care Flow PVC bedside bag holders.

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