Care Flow
Care Flow catheter valve
Innovative valve for an independent emptiying of the urinary bladder (03/02/10/00/GHC)
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Care Vent
Care Vent catheter valve
For an individual and controlled emptying of the bladder (03/02/10/01/GHC)
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LubriCare lubricant
Sterile lubricant, 6 ml (01/01/99/GG/06)
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Care Syringe
Care Syringe sterile blocker syringe
10 ml Blocker syringe containing a 10% glycerine solution (01/01/99/KB/10/GHC)
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Catheter accessories

Catheter accessories – For placing or changing catheters

Catheter accessories find its application for caretaking, changing or placing of suprapubic, transurethral as well as nephrostomy catheters. Not only is it inherent to have adequate preparations, examined medical staff and an optimal hygiene, rather more the right equipment also plays a crucial role.  

Whether a long-term catheter or a single-use catheter: For a correct placing of a catheter, the right medical utensils and consumables are inherent. This also includes the sterile blocker syringe, which is used to block of urological catheters. Besides the blocker syringe, the Care Flow catheter valve supplement the assortment of catheter accessories. The latter enables the patient to empty the bladder independently.

Care Syringe sterile blocker syringe 10 ml

The GHC blocker syringe also counts as catheter accessories. The sterile blocker syringe contains a 10% concentration of glycerine in aquadest / glycerine solution for single use.

Where does the blocker syringe find its use? Balloon catheters are designed as 2-way catheter. The first way or channel is for urine drainage and the other way serve the purpose to fill up the balloon. The latter is also there to fixate the catheter within the bladder, by blocking against the slipping away. A blocker syringe containing a glycerine solution is used to fill the balloon.

The filling capacity is always constant. In this way the diffusion of the catheter balloon is prevented. The glycerine solution is solely intended to block urological catheters. Please note the following: The prefilled syringe is not intended for injection purposes.

Care Flow catheter valve

Urinary incontinence usually results in constant derivation – either through the use of urinary condoms, absorbing incontinence products or the catheter and urine bag. As a result of this, the bladder musculature become weak. The modern Care Flow catheter valve gives the patient the possibility to independently empty the bladder. The integrated flip valve captivates through its uncomplicated handling, by flipping the valve 180°, the flip valve is opened and at the same time it is fixated to hold that position. In this way a unwanted closure of the valve is prevented and thereby ensures a good night´s rest. The valve is easily connectable to the urine bag system. This ensures that this is not disturbing during the night.

Also available: revulsive incontinence products such as  leg bagsbedside bagsleg bag fixations, products for ISC intermittent catheterisation and much more. 

Product recommendations

Care Flow UB 2000

Closed urine drainage system with a filling capacity of 2000 ml (04/02/2000)
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Bluecath silicone catheter

Suprapubic 2-way integral balloon catheter with dilatation tip and plug (01/02/21)
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Closed urine drainage system for day & night (04/03/1000)
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CARE FIX Fabric leg bag holder for the thigh

Fabric leg bag holder with an integrated leg bag pocket (05/02/12)
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Care Dress Abdominal PEG dressing set

For an effective dressing change of a PEG entry point (08/02/PEG/GHC)
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Care Set cathter insertion kit

Type Comfort Eco (01/01/99/KL/CE/GHC)
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