Care Con Kondomurinal
Care Con
CARE CON comfort | Type I Male External Catheter
Shaft length 8,0 cm, Adhesive area 4,5 cm (01/01/28/01)
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Care Con Kondomurinal
Care Con
CARE CON special | Type II Male External Catheter
Shaft length 5,0 cm, Adhesive area 4,0 cm (01/01/28/02)
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Care Con Kondomurinal
Care Con
CARE CON active | Type III Male External Catheter
Shaft length 8,0 cm, Adhesive area 7,0 cm (01/01/28/03)
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What is a Male External Catheter (MEC)?

A Male External Catheter (MEC) or urinary sheath describes a revulsive incontinence system in form of a condom. The self-adhesive GHC urinary sheaths serve to drain the urine of a male. It serves as an aid for the supply for urinary incontinence. The disposable system is made of a anti-allergenic silicone. It is equipped with a connector for a tube, which enables the connection to a urine bag.

The German Health Care urinary sheaths for males are latex-free and solely intended for the single-usage with a wearing period of 24 hours. In comparison to the usage of a catheter, such as an indwelling catheter, MECs have the advantage of being more user friendly, as the user does not have to insert a catheter into the urethra and hence urinary sheaths pose a lower health risk. Furthermore, male external catheters are usually not perceived as disturbing by the patient. The only limitation: MECs cannot cover all circumstances of all users.

Urinalkondome: Vorteile eines Kondomurinals für Männer

  • The sheath encloses watertight
  • Dependant on the variant and shaft length, also usable for the retracted penis
  • The MEC can be rolled up independently by most users without the help of medical attendants
  • Including connection possibilities to a leg bag or bedside bag
  • Suitable for active users
  • Self-adhesive and latex free
  • Breathable material
  • Disposable diapers and incontinence pads can be dispensed
  • No odour nor skin irritations
  • Single-use product with a wearing period of up to 24 hours
  • No ascending infections or pain
  • Suitable for sporty activities
  • Available as following variants: CARE CON Type I Comfort, CARE CON Type II Special and CARE CON TYPE III Active

Male External Catheters – Reliable. User-friendly. Skin-friendly.

Here you not only find out what a male external catheter is, but rather also what it can be used for. The revulsive incontinence system is equipped with an open end: the outlet. By connecting a urine bag to the outlet, the urine can be collected. An active user can connect it to a leg bag, which is fixated at lower- or upper thigh, to collect the drained urine. A connection to a bedside bag is possible as well.

Another field where urinary sheaths have an advantage, are for users that exercises actively. Hence a MEC is well suited for aviation activities such as paragliding, hang-gliding or for flying a sailplane. Besides that, MECs are also well suited for diving activities – Especially when wearing a dry suit.

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