Care Flow
Care Flow silicone irrigation catheter
3-way balloon catheter with Nelaton tip (01/01/22)
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Care Flow
Care Flow silicone irrigation catheter
3-way balloon catheter with Dufour tip (01/01/16)
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Care Flow
Care Flow silicone irrigation catheter
3-way balloon catheter with Couvelaire tip (01/01/17)
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Care Flow
Care Flow silicone irrigations catheter
3-way balloon catheter with Mercier tip (01/01/18)
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Irrigation catheter

What is an irrigation catheter?

A urological irrigation catheter is a 3-way catheter. Besides the common 2 -channels for urine drainage and balloon blocking, this catheter is equipped with an additional third channel. Thus, this catheter is suitable for irrigation purposes. The transurethral bladder catheter is in essence also applicable for long-term drainage purposes.

Irrigation catheter – For a reliable irrigation of the bladder

The irrigation catheter is most likely used after a transurethral surgery. In respect of bladder irrigation, it is of importance to implement a partially medication-containing irrigation fluid. For that specific purpose, this irrigation catheter is used, which belongs to the category of transurethral catheters. Indicators for applying such a catheters are different diseases of the bladder mucosa as well as bleedings within the bladder, especially after a surgery. The goal of the irrigation is to prevent clotting of the blood within the bladder or to remove coagulated blood, sediments or resected tissue.

Irrigation catheters from German Health Care

An irrigation catheter is often used postoperatively after urological surgeries, if a high irrigation or drainage capacity is required. For this purpose, a sufficient lumen, a high kink resistance, a good tissue compatibility as well as a reliable balloon is of importance.

The GHC catheters for irrigation are made out of 100% silicone and they fully comply with the highest requirements. Thereby, you can maintain the good results of the surgery. A valve at the filling channel closes the balloon reliably, which prevents leaking of the blocking liquid.

The irrigation catheter is equipped with an X-ray line and therefore it allows for radiological imaging. Whether curved or straight: It is available with different catheter tips, whether a Couvelaire-, a Dufour- or a Mercier tip.

Irrigation catheter – Your advantages:

  • High irrigation and drainage capacity
  • High kink resistance
  • Optimal tissue compatibility
  • Applicable for a postoperative long-term drainage
  • Fixation of the catheter through a reliable balloon
  • Also available at German Health Care: The blocker syringe containg a 10% glycerine solution
  • Whether with a leg bag or bedside bag – the catheter is easy to connect to the GHC urine collection systems.

Are you looking for further GHC products for revulsive incontinence? In our assortment you can find further numerous applications: Whether products for  ISC intermittent self-catheterisationsuprapubic catheterleg bag fixations or the matching catheter-set.

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Closed urine drainage system with a filling capacity of 2000 ml (04/02/2000)
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Fabric leg bag holder with an integrated leg bag pocket (05/02/12)
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For an effective dressing change of a PEG entry point (08/02/PEG/GHC)
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Type Comfort Eco (01/01/99/KL/CE/GHC)
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