Back in the assortment – the CareVent Catheter valve!

A colour coding of the pivot and slide mechanism makes it very easy to use single handed. By releasing the yellow slider, the valve closes automatically and by turning the green knob, the derivation of the urinary bladder takes place.

The special construction prevents an after dripping of urine, which ensures a hygienical operation and utmost discretion. For an undisturbed sleep during the night the catheter valve can be connected to a urine bag by means of a firmly attached silicone tube.

The emptying of the urinary bladder follows the user´s personal rhythm, which ensures mobility and sustainably enhances the quality of life.

The CareVent-catheter valve (Art.-Nr. 03/02/10/01/GHC)  optimally supplements the GHC CAREFLOW catheter valve with a flip (Art.-Nr. 03/02/10/00/GHC).
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