Balloon catheter with silicone flute tip: New. Skin-friendly. Powerful drainage performance.

CARE FLOW Silikonkatheter mit Flötenspitze

Care Flow silicone catheter with flute tip

For patients with challenging urine status, we now offer a silicone catheter with a flute tip (article number 01/01/07/xx). The slanted, centrally open tip means that even gritty or flocculent urine can be drained easily without clogging the drainage eyes. This also makes it suitable for enteral-fed users. 

The balloon catheter with flute tip made of silicone can be ordered from stock in sizes CH 12 to 22 with a balloon volume of between 10 and 30 ml. 


Balloon catheter with silicone flute tip: Your advantages

  • Very good and safe drainage performance thanks to centrally open tip, lateral drainage eye and large inner lumen, even with critical urinary findings
  • Atraumatic tip enables good advancement of the catheter
  • Secure fixation of the catheter in the urinary bladder thanks to the high balloon capacity of up to 30 ml
  • Use accessories such as our blocker syringe with 10 % glycerine solution for this purpose
  • 100% silicone for excellent tissue compatibility and low incrustation tendency
  • X-ray contrast strips for radiological imaging
  • MRI-compatible
  • The GHC quality product is suitable for long-term drainage


Order balloon catheters with silicone flute tip now from GHC German Health Care!

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In addition to the new balloon catheter with silicone flute tip, GHC German Health Care also offers a wide range of other products for urinary incontinence. We are your supplier when it comes to innovative solutions for the medical care of bladder management for patients with incontinence.

These draining incontinence aids from GHC include numerous catheters such as transurethral catheters, ISC catheters, irrigation catheters and suprapubic catheters. In addition, you will also find catheter insertion sets and the corresponding accessories. Simply select the right product and order it from our service team.

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