CARE CON Male External Catheter (MEC) | Convince yourself of the quality and ease of use.

The CARE CON Male External Catheters (MEC) are by now well established on the market and are actively used. Many of those affected see the products as the optimal solution.

However, satisfaction naturally depends on the accuracy of fit, which should be determined before use, as well as with the opportunity to test the products at your leisure. We would be happy to provide you and your customers with product brochures, size templates and product samples - you can order these directly online - simply go to Samples CARE CON Male External Catheter and order the sizes that are right for you - free of charge.

If you have not yet determined the correct size, please measure the required diameter and shaft length beforehand and then order your samples. You can find further information about the CARE CON urinary sheaths here.

Do you still need patient brochures and size templates? Our GHC customer service will be happy to send you the quantity you need - simply request it by email.

We look forward to getting in touch with you.


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