Coming soon! CARE CATH Liv & Leiv from GHC for intermittent catheterization

With the new CARE CATH Liv & Leiv, we will soon be offering you a great product for intermittent catheterization - disposable catheters with an optimal length for safe bladder emptying.

With this first version of the GHC-IC product series, we are placing particular emphasis on atraumatic application of the products, good handling and safe use. The sterile disposable catheters made of DEHP-free PVC are hydrophilic-coated, ready-to-use and supplied in packs of 30 in sturdy cardboard boxes. 

The IC catheters Liv & Leiv impress with their excellent gliding properties thanks to the special hydrophilic coating. There is no risk of injury to the urethra if the surface is too blunt. The rounded, fire-polished drainage eyes also ensure atraumatic use.

CARECATH Liv & Leiv can be used immediately thanks to the ready-to-use, hydrophilic coating. No preparation time is required, the catheter is in the liquid and can be used immediately.

The just-right rigidity of the catheter and the easy-to-release and easy-to-push handle (CARECATH Leiv) allow the catheter to be used without touching it and make it easy to guide. The catheters have an optimum length - Liv for women at 17 cm, Leiv for men at 41 cm - so that complete bladder emptying is possible.

We will be happy to provide you and your customers with patient brochures and application charts for CARE CATH Liv and CARE CATH Leiv. And of course you will soon be able to order product samples for application tests.

All information on the IC catheters can be found in the product brochure, the available sizes can be found under CARE CATH Liv and CARE CATH Leiv.

And: The new IC products will also impress you with their cost-effectiveness. Ask for an individual offer right away. Our GHC customer service will be pleased to receive your e-mail.

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