Face masks - Take advantage of the current sales offer from EN MediPart!

Our cooperation partner EN MediPart GmbH is currently selling their remaining stock of disposable type I and IIR face masks. 

The face mask are of high quality and CE certified as a medical device (according to EN14683: 2019).

What are the differences between type I and IIR face masks?

The type I face masks have a filtration effiicacy of 95% and are excellent for normal protection.

The type IIR face masks have a filtration efficacy of 98% and are further equipped with a splash protection. This means that the type IIR face mask are excellent for the protection of healthcare personel, where they also need protection from splashes from bodyfluids.This is mainly during surgery. 

Due to the high filtration efficacy, both face masks offer excellent protection for contact persons.

Take advantage of the current sales offer from our cooperation partner EN MediPart GmbH!

Contact EN MediPart GmbH directly at info@medipart.dk or by phone at +49 171 521 79 35!

We are happy to answer any questions you may have! We look forward to hear from you!

Tel: 04631 / 572000

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