More safe. More reliable. The new GHC catheter insertion kits.

With the new GHC catheter insertion kits we offer you and your customers even more safety and more reliability .

For the new sets we have replaced the old paper tray with  a plastic tray, which fulfils the sterility requirements for medical devices even better. Besides that the until now included second swab tray omits, as the new plastic tray has an integrated separation and therefore directly can be used. 

And: Also in respect of space requirements we can offer you further advantages - the new GHC-catheter insertion kits are smaller and hence they save valuable storage capacity.

The new GHC-catheter insertion kits will replace the previous insertion kits in the coming days and weeks. The replacement affects all GHC-catheter insertion kits, namely the basic set, clinic set, comfort set and comfort plus set. The REF-numbers as well as the PZN are not affected, so that no changes are needed.

Another advantage for you: you get all improvements of the new GHC-catheter insertion kits at the same top-conditions as before - We offer you those upgrades without any extra charge! Order today!



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