New at GHC - Lubricant LUBRICARE and catheter insertion kit Comfort Eco. Order now and take advantage of the benefits!

The lubricant LUBRICARE in a 6 ml syrringe are well suited for the placement or replacement of permanent catheters. We offer LUBRICARE as a singe product or as a part of the catheter insertion kit Comfort Eco.

LubriCare is sterile lubricant that adheres excellent to the mucous membrane, has excellent gliding properties and allow instruments for a clear vision.


Der komplette Lieferumfang des Katheterlegesets Comfort Eco:

• 1 tray, 2 compartments

• 6 swabs

• 1 pair of tweezers

• 1 fenestrated drape

• 2 underpads

• 3 nitrile-gloves

• 1 empty syrringe, 10 ml

• 1 mucous membrane antiseptic, Octenisept, 15 ml

• 1 blocker syrringe with 10% glycerine

• 1 lubricant LUBRICARE, 6 ml

With the new lunricant LUBRICARE and the catheter insertion kit Comfort Eco, we offer you the reliable GHC-quality at an economical price.

Available immediately:

LUBRICARE lubricant

• Art.-nr. 01/01/99/GG/06/001

• PZN 13360220

• Packaging: sterile

• Packaging unit: 100 pcs.

Available as of November 15th 2020:

Catheter insertion kit Comfort Eco

• Art.-nr. 01/01/99/KL/CE/GHC

• PZN 16134211

• Packaging: sterile

• Packaging unit: 35 pcs.

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