New at GHC. Reliable quality in the supply– at an even more economical price!

We are offering the new catheter insertion kit Comfort Eco at the same reliable GHC-quality at an even more economical price.

The new insertion kit Comfort Eco includes the lubricant Kathydor from Biocare, an alternative to the Endosgel. Kathydor is a well proven lubricant, which dispense the disinfectant effect of Endosgel.

With the new insertion kit Comfort Eco - as with all new GHC-Insertion kits - a plastic tray is used rather than the commonly used paper tray, in order to ensure the maximum on safety. The plastic tray is divided and can directly be used, so that an additional swab tray is not necessary anymore.

The complete deleviry package of the insertion kit Comfort Eco:

  • 1 tray with the integrated swab tray
  • 6 ´swabs
  • 1 pair of tweezers
  • 1 fenestrated drape
  • 2 underpads
  • 3 nitrile gloves
  • 1 syringe, 10 ml
  • 1 mucous membrane disinfectant, Octenisept, 15 ml
  • 1 blocker syringe containing 10% Glycerin
  • 1 lubricant, Kathydor, 6 ml

The Comfort Eco is available immediately at GHC:

  • Art.-Nr. 01/01/99/KL/CE/GHC
  • PZN 16134211
  • Packaging: sterile
  • Packaging unit: 35 pcs.

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