UB 2000S - The new alternative with soft tubing material.

The new UB 2000S urine drainage systems with a soft tube are now available! The urine bags have a capacity of 2.000 ml, a drip chamber and a tube with a large inner lumen made of soft material. This ensures very good drainage of the urine and a high level of user comfort thanks to the softer tube material. The new urine bags are optionally available with a tube length of 120 cm or 90 cm, each in a packaging unit of 50 pieces.

Further information on the urine bags can be found here.

In addition to the UB2000S, you will find numerous other products in our range. On the one hand, you can discover related urine bags with other capacities and different specifications as bed bags or leg bags, including with kink-resistant tubes. GHC also offers other products such as balloon catheters, urinal condoms, irrigation catheters, lubricants and other accessories.

Please contact our GHC customer service. Our trained service team will be happy to answer your product and application questions between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Fridays until 2 p.m.), also by telephone on +49 4631 57200-0.

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