Care Flow UB 2000E

Disposable bedside bag with a filling capacity of 2000 ml and a tube length of 90 cm (04/04/2000/90/GHC)
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Product specifications

The Care Flow UB 2000E is a sterile single-use bedside bag with a filling capacity of 2000 ml and a tube length of 90 cm. The system is equipped with a universal staggered cone and hence it can be connected to all common catheters.An anti-reflux valve reliably prevents the backflow of urine and thus obviates the risk of ascending infections. The urine bag can be emptied safely by means of the T-valve.

The product can be connected to following urine bag systems:

  • UB 500
  • UB 750
  • UB 1000

The product must be changed every day. 

Capacity: 2000 ml
Packaging unit: 100 pieces
Packaging: sterile

Bedside bags

What is a bedside bag?

A bedside bag is a urine bag with a significantly higher volume. The bedside bag is usually applied for overnight use, drainage overnight, or for bedridden patients. A hanger made of plastic with twin holders is used to fixate the bag on the bed. A drip chamber or an anti-reflux valve prevents the backflow of urine. The urine bag is used in connection with either a bladder catheter or a urinary condom.

Bed bags for bladder catheters – Optimal patient care overnight

Whether bedside bags or leg bags: Urine bags in connection with bladder catheters act as a universal urine-collection system and are suitable for both clinical use as well as for home care.

The GHC urine bags are intended for the incontinence care of mobile patients. For the fixation on the bed, the Care Flow urine bags are equipped with a hanger made of plastic with a twin holder. Bedside bags have larger volumetric capacities in comparison to leg bags and prevents, due to a drip chamber and an anti-reflux valve, the backflow of urine.

Care Flow bedside bags – Safe. Stable. Practical.

The bedside bags are disposed with qualitative equipment and are available in different tube length and volume, depending on the intention of use.

The closed urine drainage system is equipped with a bacterial- and liquid-tight filter, which ensures a constant pressure compensation. Ascending infections are thereby effectively prevented. The staggered connector ensures a reliable connection with the catheter. The profile tube captivates through its excellent stability, which prevents urine retention and thanks to its high-lumen tube, a reliable drainage is ensured. The long tube, of either 90 cm up to120 cm, gives the users a secure feeling. The special design of the piston in the drain tap ensures a safe and easy operation. A doghouse on the bag guarantees a safe, reliable and hygienic positioning of the drain tap. In contrast to the drip chamber of the closed urine drainage systems, the Care Flow bedside bag UB 2000A is equipped with an anti-reflux valve and prevents urine retention, in order to have an efficient protection against ascending migration of bacteria. The disposable bedside bags are well suited for the short-term use of up to 24 hours.

Bedside bags – Urine bags for immobile persons

The safe and reliable overnight bag for the fixation on the bed is available as a sterile or unsterile version, depending on the permanent catheter. The clear graduation and the quality of the urine bag allows the nurses and care staff for a reliable volume control. Stronger hanging loops ensures a safe fixation. The filling capacity is 2.000 ml.

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