GHC now even more reliable and faster - and without any additional costs.

The implementation of our warehouse management software is running successfully and we will be able to deliver our GHC products again from the middle of this week.

In addition to that, we are very pleased to inform that from now on (!) we no longer have to charge a corona-related transport surcharge of 5% per product on the sales price. Through tough negotiations, as well as a more optimised planning of our logistics capacities, we have succeded to reduce the freight and transportation costs of all our prodcuts back into adeqaute prices again.

As promised, we stand to our word and remove the transportion surcharge as soon as possible - which happens as of now. For all orders that we receive from today on, we will deliver them to the previously agreed conditions. Here you also can rely on us.

You can continue to rely on the fact that we are well stocked with high-quality GHC products covering all areas of the revulsive incontinence care, and that all future deliveries are well dispose

Thank you again for your loyalty and understanding. It is nice to have you as a customer! We look forward to continue the partnership with you.

For further information and question, we gladly are at your disposal at or at +49 (0) 46 31 / 572 00-0.

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