Care Dress Suprapubic dressing set for optimal care of the suprapubic catheter

For an effective dressing change of a suprapubic catheter (08/02/VS/GHC)
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Product specifications

The Care Dress Suprapubic dressing set for optimal care of the suprapubic catheter entry point includes all components, which are necessary for an effective dressing change.

Included in this set:

  • 1x elastic plaster 10 x 10 cm

    1x elastic plaster 5 x 3 cm

    3x non-woven swabs 5 x5 cm, 6-ply

    2x non-woven split swabs 5 x 5 cm, 6-ply

Packaging unit: 25 pieces
Packaging: sterile

Dressing materials

Dressing material PEG dressing set & dressing set for suprapubic catheters

Dressing materials are one of the most important medical disposables, are inherent for a good wound care and supports the wound healing. With dressing material certain items and fixation materials are meant, which function is dedicated to wound care.

Dressing materials serves the purpose to cover damaged tissue and, in some cases, absorbs body fluids of the affected body parts. Dressing materials covers different types of sterile or aseptic wound dressings as well as unsterile fixation materials for the regular patient care. It should be noted that different injury requires different dressing materials. The GHC dressing materials include several components, captivates through modern product solutions and thereby serves an optimal wound care. Usually this is applied in home care, nursing care, hospitals or medical practices. For a professional wound care   two different variants are available to choose from for a systematic, demand-oriented and sterile operation on the entry- or exit-point of the catheter.

Dressing materials – Suprapubic dressing set

If patients should not be able to empty the bladder on their own for a longer period, a  suprapubic catheter (SBC) often is necessary for urine drainage. The suprapubic catheter is intended for long-term usage and serves the purpose of an artificial emptying of the bladder. The entry point of the tube shall regularly be taken care of, regardless if the entry point is infected. The suprapubic dressing set for the care taking of catheter-entry points includes all dressing materials, for a safe and efficient dressing change of the affected entry point. The dressing materials includes different plasters, swabs and split swabs.

Dressing materials – Abdominal PEG dressing set, sterile

The PEG dressing sets serves the purpose to treat the wound of abdominal entry points, at a percutaneous, endoscopic controlled gastronomy. The PEG dressing sets includes plasters as well as cut to size swabs and split swabs, to ensure an optimal wound care after a surgical placed gastric fistula. Non-adhesive and absorbent: Moist chambers between the abdominal wall and the holding plate of the PEG is also effectively prevented as well as a sticky wound.

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