Care Flow UB 2000USo

Non-sterile disposable bedside bag with a filling capacity of 2000 ml without a T-valve (04/07/2000/90/GHC)
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SKU 04/07/2000/90/GHC
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Product specifications

The Care Flow UB 2000USo is a nonsterile single-use bedside bag without a T-valve with a filling capacity of 2000 ml and a tube length of optionally 90 cm. The system is equipped with a universal staggered cone and hence it can be connected to all common catheters. An anti-reflux valve reliably prevents the backflow of urine and thus obviates the risk of ascending infections.

The product can be connected to following urine bag systems:

  • UB 500
  • UB 750
  • UB 1000

The product must be changed every day. 

Capacity: 2000 ml
Packaging unit: 150 pieces
Sub-packaging: 10 pieces each
Packaging: non-sterile

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