CARE FIX Leg pants with integrated leg bag pocket

Leg pants with an integrated leg bag pocket (05/02/11)
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Product specifications

The leg pants are made of soft and ribbed materials out of elastane with an integrated leg bag pocket. Due to the placement of the leg bag in the integrated bag, a secure and comfortable fixation on the thigh or lower leg is assured. As a result of the special design of the drain tap on the leg bag, it is very simple to empty the bag.

The leg pants are washable up to 30° and thereby it is suitable for multiple usage.

The leg pants are applicable for following leg bag systems:

  • UB 500 (all types)
  • UB 750 (all types)
  • UB 1000 (all types)

Measurement: L = 55 - 80 cm, M = 45 - 65 cm, S = 30 - 45
Packaging unit: 10 pieces
Packaging: non-sterile

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