Transurethraler Katheter - Care Flow 2 Wege Silikon Ballonkatheter mit Tiemannspitze

Care Flow silicone catheter

2-way balloon catheter with Tiemann tip (01/01/18)
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Transurethraler Katheter - Care Flow 2 Wege Silikon Ballonkatheter mit Tiemannspitze
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Product specifications

The transurethral Care Flow 2-way Tiemann balloon catheter is made of 100% qualitative silicone. Our Care Flow silicone catheters are equipped with an incorporated X-ray line, which enables radiological imaging of the balloon catheter, as well as being compatible for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

To block the catheter balloon, we suggest using our blocker syringe containing a 10% glycerine solution.

The catheter can be used for long-term drainage.

Catheter length: 40 cm
Balloon volume: 5-30 ml
Packaging unit: 10 pieces
Packaging: sterile

Transurethral catheter

What is a transurethral catheter?

A transurethral catheter is a bladder catheter, which drains the urine through the urethra (transurethral). Thereby a flexible, tubular instrument made of synthetic materials is meant. The bladder catheterisation serves the purpose to passively empty the bladder. The bladder catheter can be distinguished between long-term catheters and disposable catheters. Transurethral catheters are usually applied for micturition disturbances, prostatic hyperplasia, reflux, urinary tract infections as well as for surgeries and post-surgeries.

Transurethral catheter – Every need, needs the right solution

Whether male or female: If there a patient have problems to get urine out of the body, a variety of different catheters could be used, depending on the purpose. A transurethral catheter for urine drainage finds its application if other treatments against micturition disturbances and urinary incontinence are not coming into consideration. The urine is thereby drained through the urethra. The materials to choose between are silicone, vinyl, latex, or silicone elastomer – A silicone catheter with a latex core. The packaging is sterile.

Long-term catheters and indwelling bladder catheters

A transurethral catheter is placed by examined personnel. The intended use is designed for longer time period. The bladder catheter is offered as a 2-way balloon catheter and as 3-way irrigation catheter, which also has a balloon. The urine is thereby drained through the urethra and into a urine bag: Regardless of having a bed side bag oder leg bag.

Transurethral catheter – advantages:

  • Easy placing of the long-term catheters
  • Only few contraindications
  • Qualitative materials ensure a high wear comfort and reduces the risk of potential infections

With the 2-way catheter including the balloon, the urine is drained through the first channel and the balloon is filled up through the other channel. The balloon holds, which is usual for long-term catheters, the catheter in the urinary tract. With the GHC blocker syringe containing a 10% glycerine solution, the catheter is safely and easily fixated. Furthermore, the filling channel is equipped with a valve, in order to safely prevent leakage of the glycerine solution.

An irrigation catheter is equipped with 3 channels. The additional third channel is designed to have the possibility of irrigating the bladder with an irrigation solution. This extra channel enables to remove for example coagulated blood.

Single-use catheter for ISC intermittent self-catheterisation

As an additional variant single-use catheter complement the assortment of transurethral catheters for one-time drainage. Single-use catheters for intermitting self-catheterisation are offered as Care Flow PVC for male and female.

Also available: Incontinence products such as the matching leg bag fixationssuprapubic catheterirrigation catheter and much more.

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